Fees and payment options

Every enquiry is handled by a member of our admin team, who takes their time to listen before presenting an impartial and informed recommendation. This ensures that every individual sees a suitable specialist for their unique situation. If we don’t think we can help you, Young Wellbeing Hub will always attempt to find someone who can.

Our fees

Appointment Type Cost
Autism Assessment £2450 Download Brochure
ADHD Assessment £950 Download Brochure
Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment £2950 Download Brochure
General Assessment £750 Download Brochure
Follow-Up Appointments £245
Prescription £50 Download Brochure

About our assessments

The assessments at Young Wellbeing Hub allow our clinicians to form a clinical diagnosis and provide you with in-depth feedback and recommendations on the next steps. These may include lifestyle suggestions, coaching, exploring options for therapy, and whether medication could be an appropriate option.