NHS Right to Choose (RTC) Status Update

Young Wellbeing Hub are no longer accepting referrals under NHS Right to Choose (RTC) legislation and will sadly not be able to proceed with any assessments using the initiative as a funding route.

Please see the official notice from our founder and operations manager for more information.

In April 2024, our clinic finalised the difficult decision to no longer accept referrals under NHS Right to Choose (RTC) legislation due to various factors which would affect our practice, patient care, and capacity to conduct assessments.

Why are we no longer accepting RTC referrals?

In January 2024, important new legislation was introduced regarding the initiative. The legislation resulted in more stringent processes for clinics like ours to be registered as suppliers of Right to Choose assessments.

In February 2024, Young Wellbeing Hub paused a number of referrals associated with Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) that we had not worked with before. Initially the clinic continued to work with several ICBs that we had a strong supplier relationship with. Therefore, we were able to continue accepting referrals and providing assessments for those on our waiting list in those areas.

In March 2024, after encountering more issues with ascertaining funding for assessments, our clinic sought legal advice surrounding our rights as a supplier for the pathway. At the time we did not accept any further referrals for Right to Choose (RTC). After extensively examining the initiative, its requirements, and our clinic’s ability to adhere them, we concluded that at the present moment in time the new requirements surpass what our small clinic can fulfil. Therefore, in April 2024 the clinic finalised the decision to no longer accept referrals under RTC legislation.

What does this mean for my child’s referral?

Sadly, the clinic will not be able to proceed with assessment referrals for our ADHD, Autism and Combined Assessment pathways. This will include:

  • If you have enquired with our team about an assessment or received any referral documents from our team.
  • If your child’s referral has been submitted by your GP and you are on our waiting list.
  • If your child’s referral has been accepted but your child is yet to undergo pre-screening and assessment with our team.

Please be advised that we will no longer be accepting RTC referrals and therefore, we are closing our RTC referral waiting list. Should we accept RTC referrals in the future, the waiting list will be reinstated. Should you require any referral documents, please inform our team, and we will arrange for them to be sent to you.

What comes next?

Whilst we continue to familiarise ourselves with the requirements for supplying Right to Choose assessments and address any outstanding issues, our clinic will continue to offer assessments via our self-funded pathway. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring this option, please do not hesitate to request further information from our team, or click the following links to see our assessment pathway brochures.

If you, or your child urgently requires mental health support, click here for guidance on different crisis support options available.

Please see the official notice from our founder and operations manager regarding the closure of the pathway for more information.